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Hi, do you have an office in San Francisco or close by?

CaliforniaPayment Disputes

I have a costomer who refuses to pay. It’s almost $6000. Don’t know what to do

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Mar 14, 2019
I'm sorry to hear you've had payment trouble! We do not have an office in San Francisco, but zlien's services are available, to some degree, in every state! All orders and transactions take place online at the zlien website, and orders can get started here: zlien Document Navigator. When payment is owed but the party owing payment refuses to pay what's owed, many claimants decide to leverage the ability to file a mechanics lien into payment. Mechanics liens may be the most powerful remedy available to construction businesses - and that's discussed here: 17 Ways a Mechanics Lien Works. But keep in mind - while many construction businesses will want to file a mechanics lien for unpaid debts, there are state-specific rules and requirements that must be followed in order to preserve the right to file a mechanics lien. You can learn about those here: California Lien & Notice FAQs. Further, note that regardless of whether a mechanics lien can or will be filed, many claimants have found success in utilizing a mere warning or threat of lien through a document like a Notice of Intent to Lien. You can learn more about how that's done here: What is a Notice of Intent to Lien?. Plus, of course, there are always options outside of the mechanics lien process that could lead to payment. Finally, before taking any official action, it may be worth trying to resolve the payment dispute amicably through conversation or negotiation. Of course, not all disputes are able to be managed this way, so escalating a payment dispute may very well be necessary.
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