good evening, when working on a project can general contractor hire another electrical contractor to do electrical work.

1 month ago
State: California

im an electrical contractor dong work in a restaurant.
cam general contractor hire someone else do do electrical in same restaurant?

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Typically, a general contractor can bring in another electrical subcontractor if your existing subcontractor has defaulted by failing to prosecute the work, or, if you have a written agreement, if they are in default under the terms of that agreement. Note that you should notify them as to the default and give them an opportunity to cure–an opportunity reasonable under the circumstances or as specified by the subcontract.

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Yes, an owner can hire other contractors to do work on their project besides you, assuming that the new contractor is doing work that not’s included in your contract. Of course, you will need to notify the owner right away if the new contractor is getting in your way and making it harder for you to perform your work. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have in this regard.

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