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I had a garage built on my property. It has been a nightmare. I signed the contract in August of 2020. They knocked the old garage down and they left all kinds of debis. We removed the stump so it would interfere with the building of the garage. The never removed the debris liked the promised and threw them in my yard. Laid concrete. I complained. They came out removed some. Project stalled because I was demanding a discount and all sorts of things. They removed more, promised a clean up when job was over, so paid second payment. Garage built. All kinds of debris again,, nails in the driveway. They send the electrician out, he digs without calling JULIE, cuts my WIFI, I run a internet business and also set appts for a cleaning service using a website via internet. I want to know what my rights are at this point, they still have their lock on the garage but its not lock. Cam I remove their lock, put my lock and get locks and just fight them through BBB, City and or let lawsuit and negotiator hand our issues or will I be consider trespassing my own property? Also I forgot to say they screwed up my AC when they took out the breaker to run the wires to the new garage (I have two garages) but thankfully I have a contract with my heating and cooling guy and he found the problem right away and did not charge. I am going to get charged for this broadband dig though, already been told this.

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