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National Field Network owes my company over 35,000 on homes we did preservation work for HUD, Reverse Mortgage Solutions and Fannie Mae. We last worked on this homes over 90 days ago. Can I still file liens? If so, how much does it cost and how do I go about it?

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Feb 1, 2018
Lien deadlines will vary by state - but for whichever properties are located in New Jersey, a mechanics lien on residential property may be filed within 120 days of the claimant last furnishing labor or materials to the project, but not later than 10 days after the lien claimant receives the arbitrator’s determination. However, New Jersey residential liens have other requirements, too - and they can be a handful. Notice is required (called "Notice of Unpaid Balance and Right to Claim Lien") prior to filing a mechanics lien in New Jersey, plus, a lien claimant must also serve a demand for arbitration on the property owner. There time limitations for both - the notice must be sent within 60 days after the date of last furnishing labor or materials to the project, and the arbitration demand must be served within 10 days from the date the notice is lodged for record. If the property is not residential, in New Jersey, a mechanics lien must be lodged for record within 90 calendar days from the date the claimant last furnished labor or materials for the project, and served on the owner within 10 business days of the date it was lodged for record. If the 35,000 properties span across multiple states, those states will have their own deadlines and notice requirements - and chances are that they're less burdensome than New Jersey's. Finally, whether a mechanics lien will be an available option will depend on the type of work performed - only lienable work may be the basis for a mechanics lien, and what constitutes "lienable work" can also change from state to state. Regarding pricing and how to get the process started, the pricing page can be found clicking here and you can get the ball rolling by clicking here.
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