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Establishing Lien Rights


We are a manufacturing firm in Maryland and contracted as a subcontractor on a Maryland construction project. The General Contractor on the project advised us to proceed with the fabrication of millwork in our shop. Our Project Manager has been out to the job site on numerous occasions for field measurements, etc. The General Contractor is now attempting to cancel the order although we already have the project 97% of the way complete and delivery / installation is scheduled for this week. Since we have expended labor costs for our Project Manager to be on the job site, I feel that we have lien rights. Ultimately, I’m trying to determine if we need to deliver the fabricated product to the job site to establish lien rights.

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Oct 18, 2021

While there may be other work that you performed that can allow for a mechanic's lien, typically materials do need to be delivered to subject the property to a mechanic's lien.


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