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Escrow or payoff amount letter

New York

Our customer is closing on a property that we put a lien on. His lawyer is requesting an escrow letter or some sort of payoff amount that will release the lien. We are in the state of New York and the lien is on 85 Forest Rd. Wallkill, NY 12589. Do you know what I can provide to the lawyer?

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Jan 29, 2019
It's not uncommon for an owner or their lawyer to use escrow to pay off a filed lien claim. When escrow will be used, naturally, there will need to be some form of assurance that the mechanics lien will be released. However, each owner/lawyer/escrow service might have their own particular wants and needs when it comes to an escrow letter - so it's hard to provide a blanket answer. Reaching out to the party requesting the letter to ask for a form or guidelines for creating the letter might be a solid start. Otherwise, it might be prudent to hire an attorney for the sole purpose of getting escrow released. However, there's a fair chance that the escrow letter requested is something very simple, so it might a good idea to ask about what's been requested first. If a claimant doesn't want to discuss the matter with their customer or their customer's lawyer, reaching out to the escrow company for common practices might be fruitful.
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