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Does MO allow for Liens to be released by Bonds?

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Subcontractor has filed a lien against a private project that we are the GC on. This claim is in dispute, but we would like to release the lien from the property via a bond. Wasn't sure of the law in MO and if it allowed for such.

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Jan 3, 2018
Yes! A Missouri mechanics lien may be bonded off. Under § 429.016(17), a lien may be bonded off by depositing a sum of money or a surety bond with the office of the circuit clerk. The bond (or the sum of money) must be at least 150% of the lien claim. Further, § 429.016(17)(2) requires that a Certificate of Deposit be signed by the circuit clerk, recorded with the recorder of deeds, and a copy must be sent to the claimant (among other requirements found in § 429.016(17 - 31) of the Missouri mechanics lien statute).
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