Do you have a listing of the requirements for Preliminary Notices, Liens and foreclosure time limits like a timetable for all States?

4 months ago

We supply labor and are starting to work across the US I want to be prepared on what state needs what.

Senior Legal Associate Levelset

That’s a great question, and it’s awesome that you’re thinking about this sort of thing well beforehand. You can find an interactive map of notice requirements for all 50 states here: Free Preliminary Notice Resources & FAQs. Just pick a state!

For mechanics lien deadlines and rules, Levelset has this map that can help. Once you click a state, there will be a helpful guide for mechanics lien filing and foreclosure deadlines.

I hope this was helpful! If you’ve got any other questions regarding notices, liens, or other topics for individual states, feel free to come back and post them here!

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