Do I need to send a copy of the prelien to all addresses on the prelien?

6 months ago

I am a new office manager for a very small subcontractor that works mainly in California. I am just learning about preliens and want to make sure I do everything I need to.

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A California preliminary notice must be sent to the property owner, the general contractor, and the construction lender (if there is one).

Also, two other things to mention, just to be sure.

  1. The notices should be sent within 20 days of first furnishing labor or materials to the project. It can be sent late, but the lien rights will only cover the 20 days preceding when the notice is received everything afterward.
  2. These should be sent by registered or certified mail, express mail, or overnight delivery by an express service carrier.

Here’s some additional reading to ensure you’re a CA preliminary notice expert!

And if you don’t feel like reading, here are a few videos that may be helpful:

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