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Do I need an occupational license to run a professional pressure washing business in Florida?


I would like to know specific licensing requirements for a pressure washing business in the state of Florida. Is there a need to have an occupational license to operate legitimately within any county or city? Thanks!

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Oct 18, 2021
There is no state licensing for a pressure washing business. The local license requirements would depend largely on the city, county or locale that you are operating the business. Occupational or business taxes are very common so you can likely expect that expense/requirement. You should also consider incorporating into a business entity and carrying general liability insurance and workers compensation if you plan on employing people to perform the work.
Oct 18, 2021
Thanks for the response Chris. I appreciate the feedback but still feel in the dark. I am working alone right now within a LLC. I have workers comp exempt documentation as well as gen liability insurance. I am aware there is no state licensure to be a pressure washer in Florida but it is extremely tough to find any specifics relative to county or city requirements. They sure do make it tough to be a legitimate business owner. I feel as if good ole Unk is depending on new business owners’ naivety in order to get a piece of the pie down the road. Very unfortunate.
Oct 19, 2021

For any Floridians out there, fruitlessly searching for information on how to get licensed to operate your brand new pressure washer, rest easy because there is no statewide license required to operate a pressure washer in the state of Florida. !

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