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Do I have to pay an invoice that I did not receive for five months after the job

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So I hired a builder to build my home. I paid him his rate to oversee the job. As invoices came in from his different accounts such as lumber and different materials he had me pay his invoices. 5+ months ago we had a well installed. Our builder is now calling us to tell us that that invoice has not been paid. And actually as of today we have still not received an invoice. What are our options?

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Oct 14, 2022

It sounds like you owe for the service provided, but it also sounds like the amount may be in question. Is the price of the well spelled out anywhere such as in your contract or perhaps in a construction budget that was provided by the contractor prior to the job? If not, the contractor needs to provide you an invoice or something in writing that reflects the amount due for the well. Don't forget to obtain a final lien release upon payment.

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Oct 14, 2022
I do have a budget sheet that was provided before the start of construction. I think everything was over budget. Most of them I think we’re even about 20% over budget. It might not require to pay the actual cost or should it be based solely off of the budget that was provided?

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