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Could you help me with a 200 unit Apartment complex estimate and legal questions?

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I need to know how to bid a 208 unit apartment complex labor only sub]-contractors job. It is for the installation and removal of appliances, hardwares, lighting fixtures and wall plates, painting, door handles, toilets, water and drain connectivity, air vents, and blinds. Can you please tell me what is accurate and acceptable as mid-west labor only cpsf or flat pricing, down payments, and legal necessities required?

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Sep 2, 2021
I think your question(s) are way beyond the scope of this website, designed to help with construction lien issues
Sep 2, 2021
Sep 3, 2021
I agree with Attorney Davidson's take on your question.. your issues are way beyond the scope of free legal advice that attorneys can, or should, give through this website. That said some of us have clients with experience in such matters and it sounds like a referral opportunity (several years ago I had a client who did something similar for rehabbing government subsidized housing -- now if I can only remember which client it was).
Sep 4, 2021
Of course you do Weiner. No worries I won't remember you either.

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