contractor got paid and quit before job was finished

2 weeks ago

I am a homeowner and I had hired a friend who is a contractor to remodel our home . He has a business and was not able to work during the corona virus . We hired this contractor and gave him a deposit of 7,000 cash ( he had requested cash ) to buy supplies. and then he came back wanting more money saying he needed to pay bills and we gave him 14,000 . The original estimate / contract is only for between 18.400- 19.400 and we over paid him since the original estimate did not include framing out garage lien to and he do extra framing on a bathroom door. He has now quit working on the home and has threatened to put a mechanics lien unless we pay up another 5,000. We have no signed contract of any kind. We have been asking for a breakdown of the bill of what was paid and what he is claiming we still owe. We have no tax ID number and will give us a detailed bill of the supplies purchased. We have been receiving threatening texts . We have damage that this contractor has done to our home.
We have given him a total of 21,000. What can I do in this case . Please help.
We are trying to sell our home and he knows this and says he will file a lien unless we give him the money but, he says he is not providing us with a detailed bill. Bottom line is he was a friend that we trusted.

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Project Type: Residential
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