CanI file a lien?

5 days ago

I’m a contractor and I started working on customers home renovation project back in February of this year. Sadly I’m a bit old school and it was for a friend of a friend. As a result it was a verbal contract as well as through texts. The project entailed more work than originally was requested and the customers’ designer often made changes to the plan by adding additional work or changing materials. There have been significant delays in the materials like doors and tiles. Almost 2 months ago the customer stopped making payments. We then met with the designer and home owner and set up a scheduled payments. The customer again with in the last month has not paid for materials or labor, and has said he will not pay me. I’m owed north of $10,000. What are my chances of successfully applying a lien on the property.

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Project Role: General Contractor
Project Type: Residential
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