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can you lien the federal government?

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We are an engineering company. We worked for a prime contractor on a VA project. They used our designs and we were not paid . This is a FederalContract .We had a separate contract with the prime contractor.

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Nov 20, 2017
The short answer here is "no." You can't lien federal property, the government does not allow you to foreclose on the property and force its sale to enforce a lien.

However, just because federal property can't be liened doesn't mean parties on federal projects are unprotected. Parties who supply labor or materials to the project and who contract with the prime contractor or a first-tier subcontractor are generally afforded protection under the Miller Act. The Miller Act requires a payment bond on most federal projects in order to protect the above parties from nonpayment. No preliminary notice is required to make a subsequent Miller Act claim. You can read more about Miller Act claims here:
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