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Can this person file a lien on my mother's property?

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I have power of attorney for my mother who has dementia. I rented an apartment on my mother's property to her granddaughter. The granddaughter broke the lease and moved out with 7 months left on the lease. The place was in a horrible mess that I had to clean. She is now threatening to put a lien on the property for money she and her husband say they spent on improvements. There was no contract for these supposed improvements.

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Jun 3, 2021

  KRS 376.010 is the general mechanic’s and materialman’s lien statute in Kentucky. It provides for a lien on real property for any person who has: 

1) performed labor and/or furnished

2) for the improvement of the property; 

3) by contract (or written approval) with the owner, contractor,
subcontractor, architect or authorized agent.  

Unless you have some agreement with the lessee to make the improvements, they are not entitled to a valid lien.


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