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Can I still file a lien?

MinnesotaPreliminary Notice

We did work on a septic system on 11/11/20 and haven't been paid. Is it too late to file a lien? Thanks

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May 19, 2021
It is too late but you can still sue them for the money they owe you. Liens have to be filed within 120 days of last efforts and if you work thru a contractor and not direct with the owner you often have to prelien it. I could sue the entity that owes you the money for you.
May 19, 2021

Good morning,

The Minnesota mechanic’s lien statute requires that a lien be filed within 120 days after your last date of work. If your last date of work was 11/11/2020, the 120-day period has elapsed. If you are beyond that, it is too late to file a lien, but you may still have a claim for breach of contract.


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