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can I lien a property that I have a quit claim deed to


I have a quit claim on a property and its getting ready to go in to auction. can I lien the property?

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Feb 19, 2019
That's an interesting question, and unfortunately, I'm not sure we're equipped to answer that here at the Construction Legal Center. Our expertise lies in construction law and construction payment topics. One common issue that comes up with construction is with mechanics liens - and mechanics lien rights are granted to parties who perform construction work that improves real property then go unpaid for their work. While some other encumbrance or lien may be appropriate in the situation described above, it does not sound like a mechanics lien would be the most appropriate option. Of course, other online resources might be helpful here - particularly, and JustAnswer are two websites where attorneys are available from all different practice areas to answer legal questions on a multitude of subjects - beyond construction related matters.
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