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Can I file a mechanics lien for the full contract amount when the GC is claiming back charges against us?

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We have a contract to do work at a certain amount, and we performed the work. The general contractor and owner is now making claims about our work that we disagree with. Instead of paying us the full amount due, they are making "back charges" against us. We want to file a mechanics lien or something, but want to go after the full amount. When filing the mechanic's lien, can we still put the full amount due in our opinion? Or do we have to reduce our claim for the "back charges?"

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May 24, 2019
That's a great question, and I'm sorry to hear you're having to fight for payments you've already earned. Back charges are a regular source of frustration in the construction industry, and they're also a common cause of payment disputes. But, just because your contractor contends back charges are appropriate doesn't mean they actually are - and amounts in dispute could certainly still be liened.

In fact, most lien claims feature some dispute as to what's owed - whether that be relating to the price of work, issues with change orders, or workmanship disputes. Ultimately, mechanics lien rights are available for amounts owed but unpaid for the work done or materials furnished, even when there's an argument as to what is owed. So, just like when there's a dispute over any other facet of the job, a lien claim can be filed for amounts represented in a disputed back charge.

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