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Can I file a lien on my daughters home?

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I had moved in with my daughter to help with the house payments... I was going to move to Hawaii but I wasn't ready and all my money went to her for the house..All my thing were at her home and when things didn't work out she dumped me on my xmotherinlaw...the corona hit....the island closed and is still closed...I have an apartment now in Memphis Mi and want some of my things I left at her house ....I sent her a message on 1/29 stating to bring the small things to her grandmothers and the rest i didn't want....sent her an email stating what I wanted...Her grandmother just told her to bring her my things..my daughter said there isn't much....I think she destroyed or threw my things away....my photos of my travels to Hawaii severl time....europe etc...all my photos family etc on big box that was in her room stored under the stairs.....anyway some things that can not be replaced....can I give them a net worth and through a lien on her house?????on her personally?there also is a gem stone collection worth over $5000

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Oct 25, 2020

The Michigan Construction Lien Act protects contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers who provide improvements to real property under a contractual arrangement. Unfortunately, the facts you have presented would not support a construction lien.  

P.S. I'm sorry about how things went with your daughter. I hope time will heal the relationship.  


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