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Can I file a lien against homeower and what steps should I go throw

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Hello my name is Scott reading up on filing a lien on a homeowner that I worked for .I did work for him for about 8 months and we talked about it and I would get paid weekly for work that was performed .then he started not waiting to pay what I was asking even after bring in another person..I'm get confused because it sounds like I had to give him something before I started working for him stating if he doesn't pay then I will file a lien .am I understand that correctly

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Oct 26, 2021

I'm sorry to hear about the issues you've had recently in regards to lack of payment. Luckily there are mechanics lien rights available to contractors and suppliers that don't get paid on construction projects in Ohio to secure payment. As a prime contractor, there is not a requirement to send a preliminary notice to the homeowner. However, if you wish to send a mechanics lien the lien is due 75 days from the last furnishing labor or materials, or 60 days on a residential property. Once a mechanics lien is filed properly in Ohio, a lien claimant has 6 years to enforce the lien from the date of filing. Keep in mind that the lien filing deadline is a hard deadline in Ohio. If a lien claim isn't filed within the required timeframe then lien rights are no longer available to recover payment. If you have missed the mechanics lien deadline, you can read here on what to do next

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