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Can I decide the time frame on my CA notice of intent to lien? I want it to be 5 days not 10?

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Pretty much sums it up. The mechanics lien has to be filed in 2 months, but one of our material suppliers is sending their demand letter today, stating they will lien the property this Wednesday the 7th.

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Aug 5, 2019
In California, a mechanics lien must generally be filed within 90 days of the completion of the project as a whole, however this time period may be shortened if a notice of completion or cessation is filed.

In order to retain the ability to later file a valid and enforceable mechanics lien, all parties there than wage laborers must provide a preliminary notice. Parties contracting directly with the property owner, however, only need to provide the preliminary notice to the construction lender, if any. The notice, when required, should be provided within 20 days from first furnishing labor or materials to the project, but if it is given later, it is effective to secure the work or materials furnished beginning 20 days prior to the date the notice is given.

California does not have any requirements regarding Notices of Intent to Lien. Accordingly, if a notice of intent is provided in an attempt to urge payment prior to actually filing the lien, there is no statutorily required language, and the notice may say whatever the person giving the notice wants it to. This includes stating the period of time between providing the notice and filing the lien.
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