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Can I add interest to my lien/attempt to file lien amount?

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I have purchased materials and supplies on personal and business credit cards plus I took out a loan for 20K to invest into the business while I was working for the General Contractor that has either not paid me at all for the work or paid me minimally through charge-backs and I would like to know how I can add interest for every day or every month that I have still not gotten paid by them. Thank you

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Oct 16, 2018
Mechanics liens are to secure the amount due for the labor or materials furnished for the improvement to property. Generally, then, any amount that is not for the construction, improvement, repair, or alteration of the property may not be included in the lien claim. This usually entails interest, attorneys' fees or other collections costs, and other damages.

While the amount of interest itself is likely not appropriate to add to the total of the lien claim on the document, that doesn't mean that interest could not be collected in a foreclosure suit. Generally, the amount awarded includes interest from the date the payment was due. Additionally, it may be possible to include the phrase "plus applicable;e interest" on the lien claim.

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