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. Can and how do I put a lien on his house?


I work at a nursing home in Ca., a resident's son has spent all her money and he owes the facility a large amount of money

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Jun 19, 2018
I'm sorry to hear about that. However, this does not sound like a situation where a mechanics lien would be appropriate. Mechanics liens are utilized for the recovery of construction payments. Other liens may ultimately be a means to recover for nonpayments such as in the situation above. Particularly, if a judgment were attained against a nonpaying party, a judgment lien might be filed on that party's property. But again, mechanics liens are really only available for construction work, so utilizing one for the recovery of payments that do not relate to the construction of some improvement would be improper and could even lead to penalties and fines. Anyway, while a mechanics lien might not be an option for recovery here, there should be a number of available options to recover payments - including, potentially, via breach of contract. Consulting a local attorney might help clarify the options available, or even posing your situation to the attorneys at might be a fruitful option.
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