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can an investment company sell there house before I go to the second step on putting a lien t

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I started doing some work for an investment company he paid a little over $4,000 but the work I've put in it was about $8,000 he keeps telling about how many lawyers he's got and saying he's going to own everything I've worked for and will and I've had an employee destroy some of the work he performed for me and had to redue it I've been waiting for over 3 weeks

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Sep 21, 2018
I'm sorry to hear about that - it's very frustrating when parties try to bully their way out of having to make payment. Before getting too far along, yes, a property owner can sell their property, even when a lien claim will soon be filed. That's why, when it looks like a property may be sold, it's beneficial to try and expedite the lien filing process (if a lien has become necessary). You mentioned a "second step" in your question. In Missouri, many people refer to the required "Notice of Intent to Lien" as Step 1 of the lien process, and refer to the actual lien filing as "Step 2" - so I'll assume that's what you were referring to in your question. Once a Notice of Intent to Lien has properly been sent, Step 2 of the Missouri lien process (that is, the actual lien filing) can be undertaken 10 days after the Notice of Intent to Lien is sent. Thus, if a property owner is attempting to sell the property before a lien is filed, they would have to sell the property very quickly to complete the sale prior to a lien filing. If a Notice of Intent to Lien was properly exchanged more than 10 days prior, if it looks like the dispute won't be resolved without a lien, and if it looks like the property may soon be sold, it may be a good idea for a claimant to file their lien sooner than later.
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Feb 28, 2023

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