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can an individual file againest a sub-contractor who walks out

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paid someone to paint a house did not finish walk away will not return calls or text

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Aug 23, 2018
If you're referring to filing a lawsuit - when subcontractor walks off a job without performing their end of the bargain, they are likely in breach of their contract. As a result, a breach of contract suit might be possible - but in order to file suit, the claimant likely needs to show that they've been damaged by the breach. So, in a situation where the sub has been paid in advance but has not performed work, the party filing suit might have an easier time showing they were damaged. But, in a situation where no real damage was caused by the breach of contract (for example, where a sub has not been paid more than they're owed and decides to walk off the job), it might be more trouble than it's worth to pursue a lawsuit off of a sub walking off the job. Depending on the amount of the dispute, small claims court may be an option as well. Without knowing more about the dispute and agreement at hand, it's hard to provide much more insight. However, consulting a local construction attorney could clear up some questions on the possibility of suit. Plus, they'll be able to review relevant documentation and communications and provide advice on how to proceed.
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