Can a man who sells and cleans Persian carpets file a mechanics lien on my house if he contends he clean and repaired my

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Can a man who sells and cleans Persian carpets file a mechanics lien in my hoyse if he contends he cleaned and repaired a Persian carpet at his store. He did not write up an agreement such as a bill for the work he did. I did not sign anything. He was just suppose to give me an estimate for the cleaning and repair. Now he wants $1,350 for cleaning and repair of a small 3 X5 foot wool rug

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California mechanics lien rights are only available to those whose work, materials, or equipment permanently improves real property. So, while someone installing carpeting in a home would improve the real property (i.e. real estate), cleaning, repairing, or making alterations to a rug would not give rise to lien rights since the real estate, itself, wouldn’t be improved. What’s more, even if work is lienable, it will only give rise to mechanics lien rights if the work is authorized by the owner.

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