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Can a handyman file a lien on my house


We hired a handyman to do work around our house, but fired him due to prolonged finish times and things getting started and not finished. He damaged some walls and ruined carpet in a room. He also completely broke out attic ladder. We have hired a GC to repair and finish the work. The HM is now asking for $7400 more. He is charging twice for the same work and for work not completed and work not started. What is our recourse in this situation? I’m being warned he can file a lien. Some research on this HM shows several news articles where he has scammed other homeowners and has posed as a GC. We only received 1 invoice from his wife (realtor that brought him into the situation). There was not a contract or anything else given to us. He gave verbal amounts except for the one invoice.

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May 17, 2022

A lien can only be recorded for unpaid “improvements” to a property. Handyman work is usually maintenance and repair work and is generally not lienable.


Unlikely that you will be sued for such a “small” amount. Best advice would be to ignore the handyman and, if he persists, report him to the local district attorney for unlicensed activity.


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