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Bad faith or compliance

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I purchased a newly built home 3 months ago, the HVAC system ducts have a deficiency, several service calls, don’t believe it was installed according to plans or codes, also the ad said cable ready but it’s not cable ready as promised. Can I bring suit against the builder for performance or bad faith? I live in Florida. I did get a CO in May 2018.

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Aug 21, 2018
I'm sorry to hear about that. Generally speaking, when guarantees are made upon sale or when defects were hidden prior to the sale, a buyer will have legal remedies available against the seller. However, reaching out to that builder first might be a good way to resolve the issue without the inherent costs and risks of litigation. Unfortunately, my expertise (and the expertise of this forum) does not lie with construction defects - so for further information, it might be wise to either pose this question at (which is a forum where attorneys from all different practices are available to answer legal questions), or to consult a local real estate or construction attorney about your potential rights. Good luck!

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