Arkansas. Can I file a lean on a farm that I paid rent to live on but I was never paid for the work and supplies that I did and furnished on the farm with an oral agreement.

2 years ago
State: Arkansas

Gave my son the farm I live on for past 25 yrs. It was Half paid off when I gave it to him. It was with the understanding that I get to live on the farm in Arkansas until I die. I bought farm for $59.000. Now he has put the farm for sale for $350,000 and suing me for rent and trying to kick me off farm. I have put my life savings in farm for building 9 ponds, clearing land building garage, etc. amounting to approximately $40,000. He was having realtors come out with possible buyers. So I put legal lien on farm through the county court house and sent him the lien and filed it. Now he is suing me for the illegal lien and for rent and distruction of farm. The law suit should come up this winter at Jasper, Arkansas court house. I cannot afford attorney as I have spent all my savings on farm. Do I have a case. I used legal aid to answer the law suit. But they will not represent me in court.

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