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Am I guilty of insurance fraud?


I had a job that I originally contracted which had insurance that covered painting, drywall, and carpentry. I also did tile on this job as it is just like carpentry. This was a year long job. I no longer have the same insurance as I was planning on retiring. I kept some interior painting insurance because I had one job to do after this. The customer thinks the shower needs to be rebuilt at a high cost and I do not agree. It has some small things to address. I performed this job after the other insurance I had was gone. I explained to him what I would do to address his concerns about the shower and he refused. He then fired me after working there for a year with only %600 due at the end. I had no coverage for the tile. just paint. Is this a legal problem for me?

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Jan 25, 2018
This is more of an insurance question, and consulting with a local insurance or construction attorney who can review all of the relevant facts to your situation would help provide some clarity. However, note that fraud cases typically require some level of intentional conduct or malice to be deemed fraudulent. Of course, claiming to have insurance after that insurance has lapsed could result in legal issues.
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