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I have a customer with an existing job account (that a preliminary notice was sent out - your job #742694) - he has informed me that all the purchases on the existing job, as of January 2, 2018 need to be moved to a new job account and provided me a new job sheet - so if I move these purchases - will I be covered?

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Mar 2, 2018
That's a great question. Nevada's preliminary notice, much like preliminary notices across the country, preserve the right to file a mechanics lien. But the right to lien exists against in the underlying property where work is performed or material is furnished. Unfortunately, this can create messy scenarios for material suppliers - especially in situations like you mentioned above. Preliminary notice sent to preserve lien rights in one property will not preserve the right to lien a separate property - even if the same materials that are being provided to a different job. Thus, if materials are transferred to a different job, conceivably, preliminary notice should be sent to the new job in order to preserve lien rights against that property. This notice must be provided to the owner within 31 days of furnishing labor or materials, so sending Preliminary Notice of Right to Lien to an updated property owner within 31 days of first furnishing materials to that property should preserve the right to lien.
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