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A Non-Licensed person representing as a Licensed Contractor

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We terminated contract with GC's rep that is using GC license, due to terrible workmanship & found out that he has not paid subs for work. Initially this person said his partner, Judson Bentley held the GC license, well that is BS and he just uses the GC license. This person now has 90% of money-at least 50%of job left to complete. He is non-licensed contractor in general who voluntarily closed his corporation with the State of Florida during the job, he still cashed checks from us. He obviously did not pay taxes on this money. When we found this out, he signed a personal responsibility note for us, we then wrote checks to him personally since we were not comfortable writing checks to a Name that did not exist any longer. We asked every time we wrote a check, did you get a corporate name yet? Not yet, blamed the State for the delay. He forged my spouse's name on Permit Docs with the City, he demanded $ from us weekly to keep the job going and we have saved voice mails of proof, on May 12th, he left the job due to questions from us, the homeowners, about the workmanship when we had called the product manufacturer for input of what he used on floors, they arrived May 12th, tested, determined not used properly by non-licensed person and that the tile in the bathrooms needed removed as well. Instead of using subs, he did the floating of the floors and the tile in the showers, when we questioned the work, he said he has done tile and flooring for 30+years. He blamed the flooring product, blamed the tile we picked for the tile shotty job. We need to now jack hammer the second time, the crap he used improperly on the floors, tear out the showers due to the way he did the tile job & need to find a new GC to finish job. We since found out that he did not pay the subcontractors such as drywall, electrician, cabinet guy. We have contacted 3 of them to offer the opportunity to finish the job, offering to pay them for non-payment from this jack- - -, they have been contacted by him and now not responding to us. He did Not have Workman's Comp on workers he had on job, the General Liability Insurance is in the GC's name that he uses, and the insurance company is not giving me any info to verify the Dec page provided to the Condo Association. This guy will not release our Doors, Hardware, Primer, Paint, Quartz Countertops, Baseboards, and the guy that has fabricated our cabinets for kitchen and baths has not given a price of what is due to him, + other items we paid him for. He brought in a water heater that has a warranty card from 2016, when we asked for the receipt he could not provide one. We have a Notice of Commencement, there are at this time no leins against us or our property. The City permits under the GC end June 20th I believe. He now is very anxious for us to sign a "Hold of the Permits", which I see no rush to do for his convenience. What if anything can be done with this bad situation about this guy and am I allowed to put this info online to the public with pics of the work?

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May 27, 2022

Please contact a lawyer, have all your paperwork prepared and make records of all conversations.

Leonard W. Klingen


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