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90 days to file Lien.

MichiganLien Deadlines

Need to determine when the clock starts on my project that may require a Lien. I have 3 scenarios and need to know which one starts the 90 day clock for me in Michigan. Date 1 is the date I pulled the crew from the completed work site. Date 2 is the date all final documentations were completed and handed over to the home owner. Date 3, I still have a rental storage unit on the property that they home owner is using and I am paying for. Which one of these 3 dates would be the starter for the 90 days.

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Nov 2, 2018
Good question! in Michigan, the deadline to file a mechanics lien is based off of the date the claimant last furnished labor or materials to the project. This date refers to the last date that work was performed as set out by the contract. While it may be tempting to consider this deadline extended when some materials may remain on site, or when some punch list, remedial, or warranty work remains, the safer option is to go by the last date on which substantial work was performed. zlien discusses that idea further in this article: What’s the ‘Date Labor or Materials Last Delivered’ and How Can I Prove It?
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