About James Weiner
JAMES T. WEINER is an attorney (JD - 1991), a businessman (MBA- 1986) and an engineer (BS Chem Eng 1981). He represents large and small organizations and individuals with a wide variety of environmental, corporate, construction and property issues. Mr. Weiner's twenty-five (25) years experience include over fifteen (15) years as a practicing attorney and twenty (20) years as a chemical/environmental engineer in various industries including chemical and auto-part manufacturing and metal finishing. Mr. Weiner has taught environmental law at Wayne State University and construction law at Macomb Community College. Mr. Weiner has a very general background environmental issues including environmental litigation; problems associated with contaminated sites and leaking underground storage tanks; hazardous and non-hazardous waste disposal and permitting in various states and Canada; permitting of waste treatment and air pollution control systems; industrial process engineering; auditing the environmental compliance of industry in the U.S. and Europe; Right-to-Know reporting; the handling, storage and transportation of hazardous materials; Employee Right-To-Know training and OSHA compliance. Mr. Weiner is glad to provide you with the best legal services available.