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Diane Utz
Construction Lawyer
Partner | Utz Construction Law, LLC
About Diane Utz
Legal Focus: Construction Litigation, Insurance Defense, Surety Representation and Government Contracting in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and Colorado. Construction Management Focus: Mindful representation of owners on construction projects. Because of my extensive construction background, I have a genuine passion for the industry, fluently speak the same technical language as my clients, which are typically owners, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, manufacturers, and insurers. Clients often comment that they feel they are getting value for their money because I can cut through the issues quickly and typically do not need a primer on their business or disputes. I am a problem solver whose main goal is always finding the best solution for my client based on the facts and the law, as well as the budget. That solution could range from merely drafting letters on my client's behalf to drafting claims, mediating, arbitrating or litigating through trial and thereafter. My construction field experience provides a unique insight into situations that allows me to fully assess the issues and play devil's advocate so that my clients are not lead down a costly path to a disappointing result. I strive to ensure my clients are always aware of the risks and rewards of the path they choose. That way, we can function as a team whose members are fully invested with an eye toward a common goal. My law practice and construction management/owner representation services are wholly separate entities and serve different client goals. As a construction manager or owner's representative, I am able to apply years of onsite experience with practical legal knowledge to provide clients top of the line services. Even the most sophisticated business men/women lack the requisite knowledge to effectively manage a construction project. Time and again, I have seen and/or been directly involved (as a lawyer) in cases where an owner's representative could have prevented the disputes.More...
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