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Ashley Baron has 30 years of experience working in construction law. Not only has she spent most of her career working in construction law, but she put herself through U.S.C. undergraduate and law school learning how projects are built and what really happens along the way through first-hand experience. Ashley worked many menial construction jobs, doing framing, setting forms, laying foundations and much more to support her legal aspirations. Although she is brilliant in her legal work, she also fully understands the construction industry and its day to day. In her experience, she has represented a wide variety of clients in both private and public works and understands your needs. Construction law is constantly changing and you need a lawyer who stays on top of the recent developments and changes. Ashley’s goal is to avoid potential pitfalls that may lead to litigation. She has tried and arbitrated over 100 cases and can take you from project inception to judgment. Ashley has won cases against some of the biggest firms in the state. We have represented both plaintiffs and defendants in lawsuits.
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