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How did I mortgage a home with unpemitted work?

I’m a new home buyer ( 25 days) I just found my “new full replacement roof had a permit pulled march 2018, but nothing else. My seller discloser says it was completed in 10/2018. Also found several more things done structurally done without permits!! Home inspector didn’t catch...

How to organize

I'm a purchaser at a construction company. Please help me on how to organize my suppliers

How to deal with a wrongful lien and small claims summons for same?

I received an invoice for alleged work the invoice called "Property clean up to Municipal Code" for $300.00 I didn't need any clean up, I employ a weekly lawn service, nor ordered any work to be done. I thought it was spam of some sort so I disregarded...

How do I poop hole the ball to sign a contract that I was pressured into signing when I have major financial problems wi

How do I void out a bond assignment contract for my lawyer he pressured me into it when I made the payments nnrt had an agreement with him on the substantial amount being paid when I get my amended tax return I signed the contract but I have...

How can I get a lien on a commercial job shopping center

I did. Not get paid complete in 3 jobs one of them a shopping center can I still file a lien

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