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Safe Harbor

In some cases, our company is selling material to customers under the Safe Harbor rules (namely, relating to a tax deduction for U.S. manufacturing businesses - which provides a safe harbor provision allowing businesses to take the tax deduction if at least 20 percent of the total costs...

What recourse do we have if it is past the deadline to file a lien?

We have a customer we completed a roof for in July of 2019. The customer has not paid us. Part of the time, the customer was waiting for his insurance company to release the depreciation so that the customer could turn around and pay us. We do not...

can you modify a prelim form? what i mean is adding more line items on the form. like two lenders two owners?

can you modify a prelim form? what i mean is adding more line items on the form. like two lenders two owners?

What can I do about a threat to lien my home

Work was completed and paid in full 11/22/2017. Today, 12/6/2019, I receive an email and text from the contractor telling me I owe $3500 and he will put a lien on my property. This was an insurance claim paid in full 2 years ago.

When is a notice of commencement required to be released

We had a screened in addition (bird cage) put in. The job was completed and fully paid for in June 2019, we discovered that the notice of commencement was still on our property in Dec 2019. We discovered this when we applied for an equity line of credit...

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