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Next step after mechanics lien

We filed and recorded a mechanic's lien with your company...what's the next step in being able to collect what we are owed. If the property sells, does the lien have to be paid in order for clear title to be issued?

I have a question about Lien Priority Matters?

I have a question about Lien Priority Matter? It appears that I and another plaintive file a lien and the surplus to be paid is 45,000 to be paid out. my original judgement was 7, 500 and their was 21,000. Now I am owed $15,000 and they say...

Do you have to file a 20 day prelim with a homeowner? Will you lose your lien rights if you don’t?

Missed the 20 day limit to file a Prelim. Job was contracted directly with residential homeowner. Can we still file a lien for non payment?

Is there a FL law that forbids me from invoicing the client directly and then pay out construction?

If I have an interior design firm that handles projects from construction to delivery, is there a law that forbids me from invoicing the client directly and then pay out construction? If so where can I read it. Also what happens when a client refuses to pay final...

NOC amendment

To file a NOC amendment, is there a specific form? The reason for filing the amendment is to update the parcel number which was listed incorrectly on the original NOC

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