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The construction business is built on relationships. When new business comes in, it’s usually not from advertising or other formal business development efforts, but rather from referrals and word of mouth — especially for the small-to-medium construction outfits that are the backbone of the entire industry.

Because of this inherent familiarity, there’s a tendency to overlook some of the formalities that often accompany many business deals. And one of those overlooked formalities is to get it in writing by using a construction contract.

Simple Construction Contract — Free Template Download

Our staff attorneys here at levelset have created a simple construction contract that should be enough for you to use on your more straightforward jobs. There’s no other way to say it — a written contract signed by both parties is always better than a verbal contract or a simple handshake deal. Other important items such as change orders should be in writing, too. Also, not all contracts have to be overly complex — sometimes, a simple, straightforward contract like our template here is enough to do the trick.

Free Template Download: Simple Construction Contract

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Construction Contract Template: Free Download
Download a simple construction contract template, for free. Because when it comes to the construction business, it's always better to get it in writing! Our easy-to-use, 3-page contract should be perfect for most small-to-medium jobs. Download your free copy today.
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