The entrance to Globe Life Field, the Texas Rangers' new ballpark

Over a month into Major League Baseball’s belated regular season due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Texas Rangers have returned to play while unveiling their brand new stadium at Globe Life Field in Arlington, TX. But for at least six contractors that helped construct the $1.1 billion, 1.7 million-square-foot ballpark, lingering unpaid work claims worth millions are still attached to the property.

Subcontractors hired to work on the stadium construction project are owed over $26M from six mechanics liens against the general contractor and subcontractors since at least May of 2020. A lien claim is used by contractors to prevent a property’s sale or refinancing until the claim has been paid for, and thus removed from the property.

According to the lien affidavits, Rangers Stadium Company, LLC is leasing the property from the City of Arlington. Five of the claims were processed by the Tarrant County clerk’s office in Texas, while one was processed with the Summit County office in Ohio.

Six Contractors Place $26M+ in Combined Lien Claims against Globe Life Field

The six contractors are owed a total of $26,237,250.50 for work taking place at the Texas Rangers’ new stadium, Globe Life Field, located at 734 Stadium Dr, Arlington, TX.

According to the lien affidavits, the largest mechanics lien was filed by subcontractor TDIndustries, Inc. on August 13, 2020. The subcontractor claims they are owed $25,454,544 from the project’s general contractor, Manhattan Construction.

Manhattan Construction is also facing three additional mechanics lien claims for unpaid work at the Globe Life Field project. In addition to TDIndustries’ lien, Manhattan Construction Company owes $2.9M to four contractors since June 16, 2020.

The second-largest lien filed against Manhattan Construction Company was valued at $375,933.54. The claimant, North Texas Contracting, Inc., filed the lien after providing the installation and supply of concrete to the stadium, according to the lien affidavit filed on July 15, 2020.

Subcontractor InfoTech IT Solutions, LLC filed the third-largest claim against the GC at $62,435 on June 16, 2020. The fourth known lien filed against Manhattan Construction is valued at $8.8K from Tradesmen International, LLC.

The remaining two liens were both filed against a subcontractor in Con-Real, LP, which totaled $335,510.66 in unpaid work at the ballpark project.

On May 13, 2020, Spectra Contract Flooring filed a lien valued at $264,219.66 against the fellow subcontractor. The sixth lien filed on the property was filed by Keenan, Hopkins, Schmidt & Stowell Contractors, Inc., which claims they are still owed $71,291 from Con-Real.

Globe Life Field to Potentially Host World Series as MLB’s “Bubble” Hub

According to The Dallas Morning News, Globe Life Field is one of several stadiums the MLB is considering to host their postseason and World Series play in during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The stadium would be considered the league’s “bubble” location, a neutral and controlled site to limit the possibility of a coronavirus outbreak amongst MLB players and officials. To date, no fans have attended MLB games.

Globe Life Field rests upon 13 acres of land in Arlington and includes 41,000 seats with a new retractable roof.

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