Here, you can find articles about construction payment in Oklahoma. Apart from a few quirks in the rules for preliminary notices and mechanics liens, contractors are well-protected under construction law in Oklahoma.

If you need help getting paid on construction projects in Oklahoma, you can begin your research here. The articles below cover many topics surrounding construction payment in Oklahoma, including mechanics liens, lien waivers, preliminary notices, construction trust fund statutes, the Miller Act, construction bonds, and more. We also have legal updates that keep you in-the-loop with the latest developments in Oklahoma construction law.

If you’d like a little more information about a certain topic, you can check out the Expert Center. The Expert Center is a place where construction attorneys give advice to contractors in a question and answer format. You can either read the questions that other contractors have asked or ask your own question for free go get an answer that’s specific to your circumstances.

Once you know which actions you need to take, the Construction Payment Resources page for Oklahoma has all the documents, forms, and notices you may need for a construction project. There, you can also find links to other helpful guides and pages.

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How to file an Oklahoma mechanics lien. Oklahoma contractors, subs, material suppliers, and others who provided labor and/or materials on a construction project may be entitled to file a mechanics...

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