Payment Disputes

This is the homepage for articles about payment disputes in construction. Due to the complexity of the construction industry at large, payment disputes are more than common on construction projects around the country.

The term “payment dispute” is very broad, and in construction, they can arise from an almost innumerable amount of sources. Some of the most common causes of payment disputes are a lack of transparency, poor credit management, change orders, construction defects, a long payment chain, the top-down payment structure, or a lack of document flow from the bottom up. As you could imagine, there are a plethora of solutions because there are so many potential problems.

No matter what the cause of the payment dispute is, the first step is always the same: do your research. This is true whether you plan to do something simple like sending a preliminary notice or something involved and complex like foreclosing on a mechanics lien. If you need help with payment disputes on your project, this is a good place to start.

Browse the articles about payment disputes to find read guides, case studies, tips, and other useful courses of action. No two disputes are the same. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, you can always ask a question on the Expert Center page for payment disputes for free. After you ask your question, a construction attorney or other payment specialist will provide you with personal and local legal advice to help you solve your problem and get paid.

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