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Social media giant Facebook was hit with a $3.9 million construction lien claim on a new office building, part of new additions to their headquarters in Menlo Park, California. On a separate project in Playa Vista, a subcontractor placed a $1.5 million lien on an expansion property leased by Facebook.

As of July 6, 2020, at least one subcontractor has placed an unpaid work claim against Facebook’s Silicon Valley headquarters pursuant to California statutes governing mechanics liens. A mechanics lien is used to help contractors force payment by preventing a property’s sale or refinancing.

The lien was placed on Facebook’s MPK 22 building, a $303 million office complex that spans over 457,000-square-feet with an attached parking garage. According to the project’s general contractor, Truebeck Construction, the office building stands 4-stories tall and the 1750-stall parking garage is 8-stories.

Facebook’s campus in Menlo Park includes over 30 buildings while covering over 250 acres. According to Built In San Francisco, a quarter of Facebook’s 45K employees work out of their Menlo Park headquarters.

Between the two projects, at least two contractors have filed a combined $5,486,096.10 against the properties owned by Facebook.

Contractor Files $3.9M Claim on Facebook HQ Project

The lone contractor at the MPK 22 building project at Facebook’s headquarters is owed $3,904,410.10 for work taking place at 1 Facebook Way, Menlo Park, CA.

According to a lien affidavit filed with the San Mateo County clerk’s office, subcontractor SME Steel Contractors, Inc. of West Jordan, UT placed the $3.9 million claim on Facebook’s property. The lien was filed against Truebeck Construction (formerly BNBT Builders) and lists Hibiscus Properties, LLC as the property owner. Hibiscus Properties is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Facebook.

The lien affidavit also states that SME Steel Contractors’ $3.9M lien includes a 10% prejudgment interest rate as of December 31, 2019. This marks the date in which the balance became due.

As a result, SME Steel Contractors’ unpaid work claim continues to grow in value with the added 10% interest rate until the lien has been paid for in full. The sub’s lien also states that they provided fabrication and erection of structural and miscellaneous steel to the project.

According to SME Steel Contractors’ project page for the Facebook headquarters job site, the demolition of five existing buildings and a public park was required before the new office building was built.

Truebeck Construction’s Facebook project page states that site work, landscaping, and utility infrastructure work were all included in the MPK 22 building’s project package.

Additional Lien on Facebook Property Brings Total To $5.5 Million

On June 9, 2020, subcontractor Cupertino Electric, Inc. placed a lien valued at $1,581,686 for the construction of new office space leased by Facebook in Playa Vista, CA.

The new offices, located 15 miles west of downtown Los Angeles, include 260,000 square feet of new office space. The two-building complex, known as the Brickyard, is located at both 12099 and 12126 W. Waterfront Drive, Playa Vista, CA.

According to the lien affidavit processed with the Los Angeles County clerk’s office, Cupertino Electric’s claim was filed against general contractor BNBuilders of Newport Beach, CA.

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