When it comes to getting paid on construction projects in Virginia, there’s no such thing as too much research. To help you get started, this page contains all the articles about construction law in Virginia.

Virginia isn’t known for having especially complicated or tricky construction laws. That said, it’s always beneficial to know exactly what you’re up against when securing payment in Old Dominion. Below, you’ll find articles about mechanics liens, bond claims, lien waivers, preliminary notices, prompt payment, notices of foreclosure, pay-when-paid clauses, and more. There are also handy guides to the top construction lawyers to hire, as well as articles about the most recent changes to construction law in Virginia and the latest new laws too.

For more help with construction payment in Virginia, you can browse the Expert Center for some legal advice from construction attorneys who are familiar with VA construction law. You can also ask your own question for free to get individual legal advice.

To find the notices and forms you may need on any given construction project along with links to other guides, you can take a look at the Construction Payment Resources page for Virginia.

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