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This is the main page for articles about construction law in New York. New York is a highly populated state with no shortage of construction and development projects. If you need help getting paid on construction projects in New York, this is a great place to start.

Although New York construction law grants strong protection for contractors and suppliers, there are still a few quirks and rules that must be followed in order to secure payment. The articles about construction payment in New York below cover topics like mechanics liens, preliminary notices, lien waivers, bond claims, prompt payment, pay-when-paid, licensing, and much more. There are also articles about the latest changes to construction law in New York, helping you stay up-to-date on the laws that affect your craft.

If you can’t find an article that answers your question, you can ask your question on the Expert Center where a construction attorney or other payment professional will give you individual and local legal advice. You can also check out the Construction Payment Resources page for a list of important construction notices and forms as well as links to other helpful pages that will help you get paid in New York.

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It shouldn't be all that surprising to learn that public agencies slow pay contractors on public jobs. After all, slow payment is the (unfortunate) state of affairs in the construction...

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