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People frequently ask me where I find the information to keep this blog. Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer. Mechanic lien law changes are proposed and put into effect around the country pretty constantly, and lien cases get decided by courts at least once every two or three weeks. There’s no central respitoray where all these updates are posted.

Over the past five years or so, however, I’ve created a storehouse of resources I use to get information about mechanic lien laws across the country. I’ve decided to start sharing them here on the Construction Payment Blog. While many of our readers are concerned about lien laws across the nation, others really have a narrow focus and are interested in only a single state’s laws. Some of these sources may be very helpful to those readers.

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I’m going to start with lien law in New York, and one of my favorite resources on the web.

If you’re looking for a great resource on mechanic lien laws in New York, look no further than Vincent Pallaci’s New York Mechanic’s Lien blog. I’ve used his blog as a reference for a number of posts about New York mechanic lien laws, but his blog contains a wealth of information about the particulars of the state’s laws that my blog never has time to consider.

Another feature of his blog helpful to folks supplying materials or labor to New York projects is the simple no-frills “Frequently Asked Question” page, which answers such basic questions of “How long do I have to file a mechanics lien?” and “what is the fee to file a mechanic’s lien?”  The FAQ Page is accessible here.

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