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Credit policies are complicated enough. Add in different state regulations and laws, and you have a nightmare on your hands. This post provides a solution for your company.

Here at Levelset , we have clients from coast to coast who file notices and mechanics liens in order to secure debt. Our clients have good credit policy in place because many operate over state lines. It would be nice if security on real property, a lien, had uniform law similar to security on personal property such a UCC liens.

Manage Credit Policy Per State

This is why Levelset is so important and why Levelset can make accounts receivable worries a thing of the past.
I was recently speaking with window manufacturer that loves our service because the company cannot manage its credit policy from state to state with the varying laws.

The amount of overhead that it will take for a regional or national company to spend on manpower to review the laws, administer the compliance and pay for the mail or filing fees is astronomical. There is value in outsourcing liens and notices, which makes up any good credit policy in the construction industry.

Levelset Makes State-To-State Commerce Easy

The particular client referenced above sends us each project it is working on when it receives the signed contract. They input all of the necessary information into our web based software and then basically forget about it. When deadlines arise, they are sent auto emails which tell them what needs to happen next.

After a point and click, the notice or lien is ordered and Levelset takes care of the rest. Levelset makes credit policy a breeze.

If issues ever arise, our research or fulfillment team will reach out to the client and ask them how they would like to proceed. The process could not be more simple. The best part of the whole process is that its done at a flat fee up front. There are no hidden charges or expenses.

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