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what is the best advantage to work with is it sales department or credit department?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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HawaiiCredit Management
We still have not been paid on this job. Finished over a year ago. Looking for advice/action...Read More
Anonymous Sub-Subcontractor
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GeorgiaCash FlowCollectionsCredit ManagementPayment Disputes
I am a sub-contractor working for a General contractor on a puplic project. They have not paid us for several verbal change orders they gave us and supervised the work. We filed a lien against them and notified the University of Ga. Can I get paid....Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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GeorgiaBond ClaimsCash FlowChange OrdersCollectionsCredit ManagementPayment Bond
I just received a release of Mechanics lien bond from the Contractor. Can someone advise what this means?...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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GeorgiaBond ClaimsBonding Off LienCollectionsCredit ManagementLien Deadlines
I hired a contractor to do a plumbing project, gave him 50% deposit, a little over four grand. Contractor spent less than one day on site, did the rough in and then quit the job. Will not return my the remainder of my retainer. What is the best way for me to a) obtain accounting for the work that was done, and b) Force this contractor to return the balance of the retainer?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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MontanaCredit Management
I work for a flooring distributor that is a preferred supplier for nationwide property management companies. The projects are typically renovation work that can take 2-3 years to complete, and come in on a per unit basis from a contractor. We've had some trouble with the contractors paying on invoices claim they haven't been paid by the property management. Is there a blanket contract/prelim we could send when we're notified of a new renovation starting at a property/apartment complex?...Read More
Anonymous Material Supplier
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CaliforniaCollectionsCredit ManagementPreliminary Notice
Is 60% up front, 40% at finish seem reasonable for a complete kitchen remodel for material and install ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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South CarolinaCash FlowConstruction ContractCredit Management
I have a contract on the Job. He owes me $3,900.00 . I have before and after photos of the work done and it was done right. The house has water damage causing the 40yr old popcorn ceiling to crack (8 inch crack). The painting of the ceiling caused the crack to expand 3-4 inches wider . Home owner trying to blame me for his ceiling crack. Fixing this crack was not in the contract. Owner also complaining about a rust spot coming through the new paint. (a 5 min. fix) His Emails indicate that he does not plan on paying me in full or possibly not at all. I imagine he will try to talk me into accepting way less than he owes me. Can I accept partial payment and then go after him w a lean for the rest? I he makes me sign something to let him off the full payment can I sue for blackmail? If I don't accept what his offer is I may not ever get anything out of him if he diappears into australia. Thank You for your time! Bob Blair...Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
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ColoradoCash FlowCollectionsCredit ManagementLien DeadlinesMechanics LienNotice of Intent to Lien
I own a garage door install company in Georgia and did a work for a construction company. the work is done and they ask me to fill up "interim waiver and release upon payment" Should i fill before receiving payment? Why they ask for it before the payed the invoices? ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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GeorgiaCollectionsConstruction ContractCredit ManagementLien DeadlinesLien Waivers
I represent a steel supplier for a project in south Georgia. This is a big project with many subs, my client being one of them. There is a major dispute with the GC over alleged chargebacks and unpaid invoices. We are still within the 90 day time frame to file liens on the property. However, a Notice to Contractor was not sent by my client. A NOC was provided late but it is not signed by the clerk of court. I am verifying whether or not it was ever filed. One point: 1. We do have privity of contract, a direct contract with the GC. It appears that although best practice would have been to send a NTC, it is not required by Georgia law because of the existence of the contract that we have with the GC. Question: Am I correct in believing that we can go ahead and file the liens in absence of a NTC because we do have privity, directly contracted with, the GC? Kevin ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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GeorgiaCredit ManagementLien DeadlinesLien WaiversMechanics LienNotice of Commencement
What do I do the jobs finished they will not pay there 4200 tab. How do I handle this it will need To be legally...Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
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GeorgiaCollectionsCredit ManagementLawsuitLien DeadlinesMechanics Lien
We were notified by a supplier that the contractor we are doing work for has a record of not paying customers. Our contract with them has a waiver of lien rights, and we just started the work this week. Can I send a letter of commencement? And what can I do to ensure we are paid and can file a lien if needed. Do we have any way to ensure we are paid? We've also been notified that if we submit an invoice more than once, we will be charged. What can we do? ...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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GeorgiaBond ClaimsCash FlowCollectionsConstruction ContractCredit ManagementLien DeadlinesLien WaiversPreliminary NoticeRetainage
What do we need to file now to protect our lien rights as the project progresses? Can you handle this for us?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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GeorgiaCredit ManagementLien DeadlinesMechanics LienPreliminary Notice
What information is needed by the credit department from the sales department for good credit making decision?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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AlaskaCredit Management
I am a subcontractor and having trouble receiving payment from contractor he won't release payment unless i sign a unconditional lien and he only wants to pay half of what he owes until he inspects work but send pics already of work completion we live in Texas is that legal?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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TexasConstruction AccountingCredit ManagementLien on FundsLien ReleasesLien Waivers