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It’s not uncommon for construction liens to appear in the headlines. Even high profile property owners have struggled with construction payment. Liens have appeared next to the names Donald Trump, John Cena, and Justin Bieber in recent years. Liens were even a major plot point of True Detective last season.

Maybe what the construction industry needs to fix the payment problem is a little bit of exposure on the issue. When industry members are forced to collaborate to solve issues, improvements take place. On that note, a former Miss USA winner has recently found herself in headlines as she is facing mechanics liens on her property.

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Kenya Moore Facing Mechanics Liens

Kenya Moore won Miss USA in 1993 and went on to have a successful acting career, appearing in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Smart Guy, and Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens. Most recently, she has been featured on Real Housewives of Atlanta, where her construction issues have popped up. Adding to her headaches caused by construction delays, the actress has dealt with Georgia lien law twice this summer.

Moore purchased a home in Atlanta, Georgia that was already under construction for over $500,000. With $400,000 of renovations planned, the project has hit several roadblocks. In June, the actress was hit with two mechanics liens.

The first lien attached to Moore’s property comes from Randal Lowe Plumbing. The contractor claims it is owed $950 for work provided on the property. The plumbing company’s claims became due in late March and the lien was filed on June 8, 2016.

The second lien filed on the property came from Johnny on the Spot, a company that provides portable toilets. Johnny on the Spot claimed that Moore failed to pay just under $300. The company filed a lien shortly after Randal Lowe Plumbing filed their lien on June 27, 2016. The lien was cancelled on August 11 when Moore paid the $300.


These liens just go to show that no one is safe from payment problems in the construction industry. On a property that was projected to cost over $900,000 between the sale and renovations, it is unlikely that Kenya Moore would have let $1,300 worth of work cause holdups. Had she requested notices at the start of the project, this former Miss USA winner might not have been surprised by these lien filings. Had she required conditional waivers with payments, she might not have been facing mechanics liens in the first place.

Previously, we have provided many other considerations in Georgia lien law. Additional information regarding Georgia Lien Laws can be found in Levelset’s resources, here: Georgia Lien and Notice FAQs.

Former Miss USA Facing Mechanics Liens
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Former Miss USA Facing Mechanics Liens
Former Miss USA winner Kenya Moore has had her share of construction issues this summer, facing mechanics liens from two parties on her home construction.
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