Levelset Sending Your Notice Of Intent To Lien

Earlier today, we wrote “What Is A Notice of Intent to Lien and Should You Send One?”  Once you’ve decided to send a notice of intent to lien document, the next step is deciding how you’d send it.  Particularly, who you’d like to send the document.

Let me suggest sending your notice of intent to lien using Levelset.

#1) Levelset Is The Leader In Liens And Notices

Levelset is unlike any other company you’ll encounter in the mechanics lien compliance space.

First, our company uses proprietary custom built software to prepare your documents and accurately manage your order. It’s not something that only benefits our administration, it’s something that benefits our clients as well, as they are given access to the industry leading LienPilot web application which will provide you with order tracking and project deadline calculations and calendars.

Second, our company is unique in its credentials. We’re compliant with California and Arizona’s legal document assistant licensing schemes, we carry a bond and errors and omissions insurance, and we have attorneys with construction law experience on staff to review all content, forms and procedures.

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#2) The Levelset Name Can Get You The Attention You Need

When you send a Notice of Intent to Lien document through Levelset , the recipients will receive the notice in Levelset’s envelopes printed with our logo and website (less aggressive preliminary notices are sent more conspicuously). Your customer, the property owner or whoever receives the notice will have either heard of us or look us up, and thereupon, they’ll know that your mechanics lien filing is really only a click away.

And they’ll know that when you do pull the trigger to file a mechanics lien, it’ll be done right.

The Levelset name on your notice of intent to lien may get the parties moving to avoid a mechanics lien, increasing the chance that you’ll get paid.

Why Levelset Should Send Your Notice Of Intent To Lien
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Why Levelset Should Send Your Notice Of Intent To Lien
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